Brand Refresh in WordPress.

The Brief

Woking & Sam Beare Hospice & Wellbeing Care is a patient-led charity. The care and support that they provide are uniquely special and it is their goal to ensure the best quality of life for all patients, their carers, and families. They approached us in 2022 to help refresh their existing WordPress website which had served them well for the last 4 years or so but was starting to suffer from having too many different waves of updates and styles and they needed something global and consistent as well as fresh and uplifting, improving the user experience and addressing the more complex persona journeys that the charity now supported included the need to recruit. Having seen the work our agency has published, they were keen to approach us for a quotation.

What We Did

Starting with a thorough review of both their brand guidelines and website we looked at relevant peer websites to explore possible ideas and then designed a website that would tackle all their layout and content issues while taking the brand forwards. With a wide range of content types and an extensive offering of services by the charity, bringing everything together was quite a challenge. However, nothing is ever too challenging for the Red Ant Solutions team!  

The Results

With an early 2023 launch, after thorough testing, we started to roll out the new designs across the site whilst avoiding downtime for the client. We all agree that the results are fantastic and we now have a homepage that is easier to navigate and looks a lot better with modern responsive designs and a great user experience.

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